Web Site News: .....These 2 products have been recently added, Stipa robusta also known as Sleepy Grass seed, Chaliponga also called Diplopterys cabrerana, now available, Crushed Kratom Leaves and Blue Lily Flowers have arrived and are ready to go. Added to the Special Request Page is Motherwort The Special Request Page is a new addition to the site. This new page has over 12 new hot products such as Virola Bark, Sinicuichi, Kratom, Blue Lotus Flowers Nicotiana rustica and glauca, Prickly poppy, Quebracho Bark, Voacanga bark and seeds. HERE NOW!  kilos of mill grind salvia are back in stock, wild dagga flower tops are back in stock. Everything is back in stock!! Available now, Siberian Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, Live Salvia Divinorum plants, Salvia Divinorum Leaves, Salvia Divinorum Extract 5x 10x and 15x, Mimosa Hostilis rootbark, Ceilo Caapi, Psychotria Viridis, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala), Calea Zacatechichi (dream herb), Cebil / Yopo snuff - Colubrina pods and seeds, Damiana, Wild dagga flower tops, Nicotiana Glauca, Nicotiana Rustica, San Pedro Cactus Terscheckii and Datura Stramonium!!                                                                                                                                

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  • November 31st - I got salvia leaves yesterday. they were good. i liked, just good stuff.. i just wanted to say thanks :)
    Location of Latvia

  • i recently recieved 1.2 grams of your new salvia divnorum 20X extract. Its wonderful, i cant thank you enough! the shipping was fast, and the salvia potent. an all around pleasure doing business, and you can look forward to my business in the future!

    a happy customer,
  • chazz-
    recieved plant in great shape yesterday afternoon, funny how that works
    thank you,
  • thank you very much! we love your business!
  • thanks for the great service you provide. you are the only place i will ever order salvia from again. you seriously have the best product. thanks for the deal too!
  • In regards to my previous emails about my order to South Africa. I have just received my Salvia 10x and the leaves.
    This was shipped on the 27th of June. Not bad for free shipping!
  • Yes I did. Thanks for asking. It's doing well so far.
  • thanks 'Chaz', I appreciate it.
  • Hey, replacement order arrived yesterday A-OK. Thank you very much. Looks great and I appreciate the way you handled the situation.
  • Just recieved it. Everything is in excellent condition. Thank you very much!
  • please disregard any complaints i may have made i recieved my order yesterday and i must congradulate you on the quality of your salvia. thanks again and i hope to order from you again soon.
  • Thanks Chaz. I appreciate you getting back with me.
    Take care- mistry
  • Thank you for your company's professional service!
  • I am very happy that I bumped into your products while
    doing research on the sacred healing plants of Mother
  • Very impressed with the quality of the herbs and seeds
    ordered and received.
  • Chaz,
    Thanks for the confirmation. I appreciate it.
  • chaz,
    just like to say I recieved my packages, thanks
  • Just wanted to let you know I received my
    order today, as promised by your website in
    three days (excluding Sunday). Everything
    looked in order and I'm excited to sample
    it when I get a chance. Thanks for the prompt

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