Web Site News: .....These 2 products have been recently added, Stipa robusta also known as Sleepy Grass seed, Chaliponga also called Diplopterys cabrerana, now available, Crushed Kratom Leaves and Blue Lily Flowers have arrived and are ready to go. Added to the Special Request Page is Motherwort The Special Request Page is a new addition to the site. This new page has over 12 new hot products such as Virola Bark, Sinicuichi, Kratom, Blue Lotus Flowers Nicotiana rustica and glauca, Prickly poppy, Quebracho Bark, Voacanga bark and seeds. HERE NOW!  kilos of mill grind salvia are back in stock, wild dagga flower tops are back in stock. Everything is back in stock!! Available now, Siberian Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, Live Salvia Divinorum plants, Salvia Divinorum Leaves, Salvia Divinorum Extract 5x 10x and 15x, Mimosa Hostilis rootbark, Ceilo Caapi, Psychotria Viridis, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala), Calea Zacatechichi (dream herb), Cebil / Yopo snuff - Colubrina pods and seeds, Damiana, Wild dagga flower tops, Nicotiana Glauca, Nicotiana Rustica, San Pedro Cactus Terscheckii and Datura Stramonium!!                                                                                                                                

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We strive to stay current but it is difficult if not impossible for us to be completely accurate and up to date on the current legislature in every state regarding the legal issues concerning ethnobotanicals.

Here is a link that follows the legality of buying salvia in most states and countries. I have found that Daniel keeps up to date better than most.

I can say that Lousiana is one of the only states I know that requires a customer's intended purchase for up to 40 naturally growing plants to be for ornamental, landscaping or decorative purposes only. Salvia plants are allowed if bought for those reasons, however no other salvia products are allowed at all in Louisiana.

In the State of Lousiana, I must have an Intended use statement emailed to me prior to sending your order. You have to state the intended use for every product on your purchase order otherwise your order will be cancelled.

Preserving these sacred plants is our objective, not consumption. Hoping that one day, these same plants and their properties will be lawfully respected. Looking back at the way we dealt with this issue will be an archaic one at best. Find the more valued lawful alternative use for these plants and retain the knowledge that they hold more value without actually breaking the law and jeopardizing your freedom.

We offer displays of varyious types of plants. Set in a shadow box, you can select up to 4 plant genus species to be displayed. Just cover the cost of the box $40. and you will get half off the order of botanicals you request in the box.

A brief view into the future.
There has been much controversy over the sale of many botanicals this past decade. During the sorting out of how to legislate the legality of selling this material you will find that some products will no longer be available to you and or availble to sale based on what state or country you live in. We will comply with all state and federal laws without exception. So don't ask!
Eventually the site product list may change or even be shut down as it exist now. This is something we have become more aware of as the pharmaceutical corporation began to take over our consitution. Gearing up for this we have began a much desired move into the holistic field of research that was our original plan to begin with. This new field will present reseach accumulated over the past years during countless legal extractions of a wide variety of legal herbals from all over the world. Along with data accumulated from many sources.

Particular sources of interest to us are

  • white tea extracts. (immature green tea sprouts)
    pomegranete seeds and juice extractionsapricot seedsrooibos tea extracts
  • mimosa hostilis rootbark (treatment for burn victims with US based case studies.)

Physiological and psychological research has allowed many new and remarkable discoveries to be made in the recent past years. This is both new and exciting. Advancements in laboratory processes, that make the research more feasable for lower income laboratory technicians, doctors and scientist has allowed many otherwise unknowns to come onto a playing field that was otherwise controlled by the monopolies of industry and manufacturing. These bright minds will lay the footwork, as many have before them, into bigger and brighter fields of study and discoveries. Such as electrical molecular alteration as well as bringing light to the harm of a "cover up the symtoms of illness via phamaceuticals approach" so common today. Hopefully we can gain more insight into just how powerful we are, and how powerful we are when in union with common materials readily availble to us, so that WE can heal our own bodies and minds and in so doing prevent disease and cure rather than cover up. If this field of research interest you you may find the following website and audio links helpful.


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