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Date of Birth: Nov.21,1959.
Brazilian Lightheavyweight
7th Degree Black Belt in JuJitsu
Trained by Helio Gracie.
Height: 5ft. 10inch. Weight: 185lbs.
Undated Bouts:
Draw with Marcos Ruas
Defeated Saulo Ribiero
Defeated Jamelao
Defeated Aljandre Paiva
Defeated Leonardo Castello
Defeated Branca
Defeated Tom Haezle
Defeated Equada
Defeated Mateo Macia(1/10)by choke(0:14)
Defeated Ingnacio Paulino(1/13)by choke(0:12)
Defeated Ernesto Hoau(1/16)by choke(0:21)
Defeated Melio Acuna(1/19)by choke(0:16)
Defeated Guillermo"Billy"Sanchez(1/23)
Defeated Franco DeLaVechio(1/30)
Defeated Cheyenne Riveria(2/16)by clock choke(0:09)
Defeated Ed"Slim"Greene(2/21)
Defeated Hans"The Great"Stachel(2/28)
Defeated Raul Martinez(3/09)
Defeated Poli Vasquez(3/16)
Defeated Felix Polo(?)by rear mount(0:23)
Defeated Hector Grazos(?)by choke
Defeated Joa DaSilva(?)by choke
Defeated Wilson Rodrigues(?)
Defeated Eder Pires(?)by choke
Defeated Ado Jua(?)by submission(1:04)
Defeated Manoel Silva(?)by triangle choke(0:07)
Defeated Hector Girouz(?)by clock choke(0:11)
Defeated Luies Rodriguez(?)by submission(0:19)
Defeated Miguel BoggWright(4/2)
Defeated Fracno Rendarogue(4/6)
Defeated Ted Tackman(4/13)
Defeated Rouxton Grisoulyon(6/16)
Defeated Andoulet Voiter(6/23)
Defeated Steven Kentman(4/20)
Defeated Dadari Ryomu(5/14)
Defeated Frank Kentwick(7/14)
Defeated Kurasetsu Nisho(9/12)
Defeated Baltazar Silva
Defeated Costenito Montes
Defeated Benito Valdez
Defeated Alejandro Melendez
Defeated Tomas Chavez
Defeated Jeronimo Flores
Defeated Miguel Clemente
Defeated Romeo Castillo
Defeated Alex Cazares
Defeated Jorge Pacheco
Defeated Farolito Ayala
Defeated Armando Castro
Defeated Guillermo Guillen
Defeated Jose Rosa by TKO
Defeated Memo Lopez by armbar(0:08)
Defeated Pajarito Rivera
Defeated Raul Herrera
Defeated Felipe Pinder by submission(0:10)_
Defeated Arlindo Chang by choke(0:07)
Defeated Famoso Lara by triangle choke(0:16)
Defeated Felix Chaez(?) by rear choke(0:14)
Defeated Joa Klein(?)
Defeated Luies Steiner(?)
Defeated Hans Leisjua(?) by knockout
Defeated Miguel Garzo(?)
Defeated Eder Montes(?)
Defeated Poli Hernandez(?)
Defeated Chatieroux Chavez(1/3)
Defeated Luies Chavez(1/10) by choke
Defeated Roberto Neres(1/16) by choke
Defeated Jacquim Rodrigues(1/19) by choke
Defeated Nelson Danton(1/23)) by choke(0:09)
Defeated Helio Miesergauez(1/30)
Defeated Valintin Xavier(2/14)
Defeated Romero Baltazr(2/24)
Defeated German Soto(3/11)
Defeated Hernon Uribe(3/19) by submission(0:17)
Defeated Mauro Zenos(3/25) by submission(0:10)
Defeated Bekim Tonna(3/31) by clock choke(0:13)
Defeated Sergio Villegas(4/05)
Defeated Ronaldo Suarza(4/12)
Defeated Lachie Fernandez(4/19)
Defeated Shane Cartbel((4/22)
Defeated Voitier Readieson(5/17)
Defeated Rougatat Jeanette(5/1)
Defeated Fernando Andison(5/25)
Defeated Wayami Hiho(6/7)
Defeated Taisumei Futomo(7/1)
Defeated Fakuyari Roso(9/26) by knockout (0:19)
Defeated Brad Hedgewick(9/6)
Defeated Grisenoire Rendardier(5/9)
Defeated Val Xavier(10/12)
Defeated Fernandeo Sawlo(10/16)
Defeated Tony Dulseti(10/)
Defeated Hernando Lopez(10/19)
Defeated Humberto Gurreo(10/23)
Defeated Anicato Rodriguez(10/25)
Defeated Franciso Navaro(10/30)
Defeated Hip Yi-Lee(11/14)
Defeated Alcio Mierjous(11/18)
Defeated Gilberto Almonte(11/23)
Defeated Young Joffre(11/27)
Defeated Micheal Von-Ryan(12/06) by choke(0:07)
Defeated Mandingo(12/15) by choke(0:08)
Defeated KiKo Jineres(12/22) by choke(0:05)
Defeated Larry Robinson(12/26)by clock choke(0:14)
Defeated Daniel Santi(12/30)by triangle chock(0:09)

Defeated Mao Calderon(1/17)
Defeated Renato Juao(1/28)
Defeated Ricky Navarro(2/14)
Defeated Franco Mitsumi(2/26)
Defeated Al Simaratana(3/05)
Defeated Bansumei Nakushu(3/23)
Defeated Rudy Boggwood(3/28)
Defeated Joel Hodgeton(4/25)
Defeated Spencer Cartwood(5/18)
Defeated Jean Dobman(6/21)
Defeated Fernando Chaturue(7/7)
Defeated Jon Campham(7/24)
Defeated Bob Fairwood(8/20)
Defeated Julio Bonardier(10/2)
Defeated Jason Jean-Pierre(10/9)
Defeated Gomeo Boyd(10/16)
Defeated Hans Kruger(10/23)
Defeated Angel Rodrigeuz(10/30)
Defeated Fighting Fernandez(11/14)
Defeated Ado Ramos(11/21)
Defeated Pu Yi Tong(11/28) by submission(0:18)
Defeated Milnos Branski(12/06)
Defeated Shane Scott(12/13)
Defeated Julious Hernaou(12/20)
Defeated Ramiro Hojas(12/27)
Defeated Jean-Pierre Thoonen(12/31)
Defeated Kyle Sinclair(1/03)by tap out(0:15)
Defeated Gomeo Boyd(1/17)by TKO(0:17)
Defeated Mandingo(1/24)
Defeated Denton Duphas(1/30)
Defeated Manuel Rosado(2/21)
Defeated Romeo Acuna(2/27) by submission(0:17)
Defeated Miles O'Neal(3/10)
Defeated Henry Akerwick(3/22)
Defeated Sukari Kenfucu(6/1)
Defeated Ichiyaka Nakunaga(6/8)
Defeated Gyyaku Hiiki(6/10) by choke(0:23)
Defeated Bonquet Verdanoire(6/20)
Defeated Jean Dobman(6/21)
Defeated Boneture D'Marignon(6/23)by triangle choke(0:15)
Defeated Lewis Crawston(7/14)
Defeated Kaikari Okafuto(7/16)
Defeated Dagumi Tsuari(8/7)
Defeated Dagmar Valintin(9/6)
Defeated Carey West(9/16) by TKO(0:19)
Defeated Marc Gomes(10/02) by choke(0:09)
Defeated Luis Cruz(10/06) by submission(0:11)
Defeated Ernesto Gallio(10/15)by submission(0:09)
Defeated Sergio Peralta(10/22)by tap out(0:06)
Defeated Casanova Marcalino(10/29) by armbar(0:18)
Defeated Walter Paez(11/16) by tap out(0:17)
Defeated Fabio Quintanna(11/26)
Defeated Raul Espinosa(11/30)
Defeated Henri DasSilva(12/08)
Defeated Wilfredo Silverstein(12/16)
Defeated Milo Morra(12/22) by triangle chck(0:47)
Defeated David Bloomberg(12/27) by TKO(0:12)
Defeated Manolo Zerous(12/29)
Defeated Hector Acevedo(1/14)
Defeated Felix Zarza(2/25)
Defeated Toshi Suzuki(3/31)
Defeated Hepiliato Cillanos(4/03)
Defeated Jack Vincense(4/20)
Defeated Chatarogue Randez(5/1)
Defeated Verd Verditure(5/10)
Defeated Greg Denston(4/23)
Defeated Dustin Edgerman(5/13)
DefeatedCastine Fansine(7/5)
Defeated Rend Voiturdier(7/9)
Defeated Rougiedier Vinier(7/15)
DefeatedAkikari Ichito(8/27)
Defeated Gensetsu Arisop(9/10)
Defeated David Cromworth(10/01)
Defeated Bud Patterson(10/28)
Defeated Eric Rudon(9/15)
Defeated Ricardo Salinas(11/02)
Defeated Bernardo Juas(11/05)
Defeated Ken Osawara(11/07)
Defeated Rio Kid(11/07) by tap out(0:26)
Defeated Felix Cabrera(11/12)
Defeated Robinson Crerew(11/16) by choke(0:58)
Defeated Phil Bishop(11/23) by TKO(0:33)
Defeated Rahman Benji(11/27) by tap out(0:17
Defeated Roberto Gomes(12/28)
Defeated F.Reyes(12/29)
Defeated Mario Sosa(12/31)
Defeated Soyami Ashihi(1/17)
Defeated Azutai Bano(3/24)
Defeated Erin Campwell(6/28)
Defeated Henry Huntman(7/6)
Defeated Kansuki Naoaki(724)
Defeated Lou Shefwick(7/24)
Defeated Kotowara Ryoso(7/26)
Defeated Yatai Heike(9/22)
Defeated Alvacir Klein
Defeated Euclidis Pendas
Defeated Viror DeOliveira
Defeated Roberto Morales
Defeated Enzo Paulino
Defeated Adalberto Gauisans
Defeated Avelino Morones
Defeated Edson Porcel
Defeated Carlos Mazon
Defeated Felix Rollo by triangle choke(0:13)
Defeated Ernesto Dos Silva
Defeated Pasqual Caceres
Defeated Leo Figueroa by clock choke(0:09)
Defeated Nevio DeLos Santos
Defeated Angel Doria
Defeated Fernando Acebal
Defeated Piero Arocha
Defeated Rudolfo Lara
Defeated Felix Jamao
Defeated Hitoshi Oki
Defeated Tetsuo Sakai
Defeated Masami Esashi
Defeated Akira Horiguchi
Defeated Koichi Fuji
Defeated Toshiaki Yoshida
Defeated Katsu Takechi
Defeated Hideo Matsuaga
Defeated Takao Nakatsu
Defeated Masashi Saijyo
Defeated David Ramirez-Diaz(2/12)
Defeated Wilson Tao(2/13)by submission(0:56)
Defeated Andarogue Bonouous(3/2)
Defeated Spencer Boggton(3/14)
Defeated Boni Verditina(4/5)
Defeated Bayari Kotokuri(4/8)
Defeated Yogumi Okoya(5/3)
Defeated Chati Verdavor(7/16)
Defeated Shugami Omosho(7/19)
Defeated Kenmari Ryooko(7/23)
Defeated Jon Denworth(8/10)
Defeated Nakuwaru Waashi(9/15)
Defeated Yasaru Kyosu(10/11)
Defeated Victor Barrera(10/12)
Defeated Cesar Perez(10/14)
Defeated Sugar Garcia(10/17)
Defeated Memo Espinosa(10/19)
Defeated Mario Solis(10/22)
Defeated Chuy Bolanos(10/24)
Defeated Carlos Ursua(10/26)
Defeated Alfredo Borges(10/28)
Defeated Baba Villa(10/30)
Defeated Franco Gomez(11/07)
Defeated Julio Rios(11/09)
Defeated Choma Amancio(12/23)
Defeated Zulu(1/23)
Defeated Tortillo Navarro(10/02)
Defeated Salvador Perez(10/02)
Defeated Joe Morriera(/?/?)
Defeated Ichimoto Taikyo(1/3)
Defeated Ken Crawwright(3/2)
Defeated Julio Hodgeston(3/5)
Defeated Voiton Rougiertine(3/6)
Defeated Bud Cunningham(3/13)
Defeated David Akerham(3/18)
Defeated Lewis Akerston(3/25)
Defeated Azubishi Fukuki(4/1)
Defeated Avel Rendutine(4/12)
Defeated Enrique Garcia(5/5)
Defeated Grisielyon Anton(5/23)
Defeated Nitai Nagahi(6/2)
Defeated Tsusuki Takushi(6/8)
Defeated Kuruitsu Sonaga(6/10)
Defeated Rougero Magarogue(6/19)by tap out(8:27)
Defeated Equada
Defeated Sergio Penha
Defeated Pedao Gaston(4/19)
Defeated Randy Fairworth(4/21)
Defeated Erin Cobwick(6/1)
Defeated Shosumei Kaiki(6/6)
Defeated Juan Kentston(6/9)by tap out(2:34)
Defeated Defeated Marco Rendouture(6/15)
Defeated Renda Verderogue(6/20)
Defeated Gris Jean-Rendious(6/22)
Defeated Bart Hartworth(7/7)
Defeated Herbert Latham(8/6)
Defeated Kantai Roaki(8/22)
Defeated Kuru Kurata(10/20)
Defeated Kanwara Itsumaka(10/27)
Defeated Vinous Verdieson(1/28)
Defeated Costine Bonutine(4/25)
Defeated Verdouson Verdieuous(4/11)
Defeated Dennis Hodgewell(5/17)
Defeated Jon Kentwright(5/21)
Defeated Jim Edgerwright(8/3)
Defeated Fred Shefbel(9/10)
Defeated George Cromley(9/12)
Defeated Susetsu Ikiso(1/15)
Defeated Zenio Prendes by armbar(3/2)
Defeated Gus Campwood(3/7)
Defeated Gymoto Kaai(4/23)
Defeated Rendie Rodriguez(5/9)
Defeated Mimari Ikugen((5/11)
Defeated Koto Heikyo(6/3)
Defeated Bayari Kaken(6/6)
Defeated Verdaroux Vinquet(7/3)
Defeated Mosetsu Banshu(8/10)
Defeated Dustin Crawwood(10/23)
Defeated Batai Dafuto(1/2)
Defeated Pendao Andievous(4/11)
Defeated Azugumi Shiya(5/12)
Defeated Dan Campley(6/22)
Defeated Jim Anderson(6/28)
Defeated Dennis Akerley(6/7)
Defeated Gotai Kinaku(6/14)
Defeated Enrique Verdutine(7/14)
Defeated Tom Baughwick(7/25)
Defeated Rudy Hollings(8/19)
Defeated Wasumei Omoka(9/21)
Defeated Joe Morriera
Defeated Bud Cobman(4/9)
Defeated Akikari Taazu(5/4)
Defeated Dotaku Genka(5/17)
Defeated Chato Verdalyon(6/12)
Defeated Marcelo Costine(6/13)
Defeated Sanchez Rodriguez(7/12)
Defeated Jerome Jackson(7/25)
Defeated Baitsu Nagakuru(9/7)
Defeated Ralph Hollings(9/8)
Defeated Tom Campley(10/2)
Defeated Mage Verdelet(10/15)
Defeated Verd Rendienne(1/4)
Defeated Yakusu Akita(1/14)
Defeated Wasuki Kanmo(1/19)
Defeated Ralph Edgerbel(3/1)
Defeated Defeated Bono Rendietat(6/5)
Defeated Grisu Chataoutat(6/14)
Defeated Iku Shohei(8/28)
Defeated Frank Cobston(10/10)
Defeated Willie Cunnington(10/11)
Defeated Farutaku Kiju(10/11)
Defeated Okodari Heiju
Defeated Genyaku Ashiho(3/21)
Defeated Brad Campwood(4/25)
Defeated Bono Chaterue(6/2)
Defeated Grist Magoutine(6/9)
Defeated Enrique Rouguson(6/13)
Defeated Gristo Marad(6/28)
Defeated Hugo Duarte(7/5)
Defeated Eric Henderley(7/18)
Defeated Itsumoru Gyhi(8/27)
Defeated Gabe Wenwright(10/18)
Defeated Louis Poisette(10/19)
Defeated Zulu(1/19)
Defeated Roug Rodriguez(4/14)
Defeated Royari Nagaso(5/18)
Defeated Kuruyari Akihei(8/4)
Defeated Rudy Cunningwell(10/3)
Defeated Bob Hartston(10/8)
Defeated Vino Andoulet(10/22)
Defeated Rigan Machado
Defeated Rigan Machado
Defeated Fabio Gurgel
Defeated Robert Anderley(3/11)
Defeated Anda Verdetine(5/6)
Defeated Okayami Maari(5/20)by submission
Defeated Shotokau Nakukyo(6/12)
Defeated Juan Hodgeman(6/13)
Defeated Tayami Gokyo(8/16)
Defeated Julio Jackson(8/18)
Defeated Andi Duque(10/11)
Defeated Joel Farmer(3/14)by choke
Defeated Steve Parkinson(6/16)by choke
Defeated Bankari Azuki(6/23)by choke
Defeated Tosaru Azuho(7/4)
Defeated Gus Kently(10/1)
Defeated Andu Bonier(10/16)
Defeated Rigan Machado(/?)
Defeated Rigan Machado(?)
Defeated Mark Huntbel(3/2)
Defeated Naga Rokoto(3/23)
Defeated Aritai Ryoyo(4/16)by tap out
Defeated Roy Cartwell(4/23)by submission
Defeated Dueton Voitious(5/4)by choke(0:17)
Defeated Chata Mortelle(5/14)
Defeated Gabe Langbel(5/16)
Defeated Bart Cunningley(7/7)by tap out(0:32)
Defeated Gris Rendounoire(7/11)
Defeated Kenmoto Hoichi(7/12)
Defeated Nakusetsu Juso(7/27)by clock choke(1:05)
Defeated Taimoto Yashi(8/17)
Defeated Anda Chatinoire(9/7)
Defeated Louis Crawbel(9/22)by armbar(0:47)
Defeated Joel Norwick(9/25)
Defeated Basitsu Maken(10/17)
Defeated Kyobishi Shiyo(10/17)
Defeated Avage Griselynon(10/22)
Defeated Nick Baturin by tap out(0:46)
Fought Ron Tripp/Outcome still pending
Defeated Mark Schultz
Defeated Yoshinon Nishi(9/9)by choke
Defeated David Leviki(9/9)by tap out
Defeated Bud Smith(9/9)by choke
Defeated Koichiro Kimura(4/20)by choke
Defeated Yoshihisa Yamamoto(4/20)by choke
Defeated Yukai Nakai(4/20)by choke
Defeated Yuki Nakai(9/18)
Defeated Yoji Anjo(12/21)
Defeated Nobuhiko Tukada(10/11)
Defeated Nobuhiko Tukada(10/11)
Exhibition with Royler Gracie(4/29)exch. in Japan.
Defeated Masakatsu Funaki(5/26)
411 410 0 1




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