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Wild Dagga Flowers
Wild Dagga Flower Tops

Lion's tail / Leonotis leonurus

Click here to enlarge Cut and sifted wild dagga flower topsFAMILY : Lamiaceae
GENUS : Leonotis (used to be Phlomis)
SPECIES : leonurus (or Leonorus)

COMMON NAMES : Lion's Tail flower tops, Wild Dagga flower

We cut and sifted the flower tops in this photo to facilitate easy packaging and handling. The foliage has tiny stickers. Cutting and sifting helped reduce the negative effects of packing and handling the beautiful plant material.

Click here to enlarge Wild Dagga Flower  PetalsHere is a pic of the actual Wild Dagga Flowers. These are just the flower petals
This is the actual stock on hand. As you can see by the isolation of the petals you are getting nothing but flower petals. Petals are the desired part of the flower top.
Although the entire wild dagga plant is usable, the flower petals seem to produce very pleasant smoke and are slightly higher in concentration of the active ingredient.

I think you will notice a difference between the two.


Mild relaxant often described as providing effects similar to those of Cannabis or mild opium. Smoking flowers of the plant give stronger effects.

Above information provided by

Just look at that picture. Need I say more about the quality. Those flower tops are sticky and ready to go. Our wild dagga flowers are shipped to us from Africa fresh every month.

When people buy wild dagga what they are really trying to get are the active ingredients that are located in these flower tops. IT is even more concentrated in the flower petals. There is much much more of that located in the tops than in the leaves and stems so why waste your time and money. Just get what you are looking for.

The African Wild Dagga Flower is my personal favorite of any product on this site.
If you would like to have a smooth relaxing feeling after a hard day at work and you want to stay within the law and not burn brain cells then you have to try the petals and or flower tops we sell here.
The one difference about the feeling you get after ingesting this flower is that you still have the relaxing calm but without the incoherence of other similar herbs.
You may say, it is hard to peel the smile off your face yet your mind stays clear of cloudy vision.
The flower it self is the smoothest smoke ever but the leaves most people sell have given the Wild Dagga a bad name. Harsh going down and hard to swallow. I guess the effects are worth it. No need to go through all that trouble. We have secured a source for these petals and flower tops that will ensure that you have a place to get them when you want them. I have heard that you can become addicted to the flowers much like opium but I have had no feelings like this. You may be different so use accordingly. As always be true to your self and others.

Shipping information

Wild Dagga Flower Tops
Lion's tail / Leonotis leonurus

In stock and fresh picked
Wild Dagga Flower Tops
15 grams   Wild Dagga Flower Tops
25 grams   Wild Dagga Flower Tops $22
50 grams   Wild Dagga Flower Tops $40

Wild Dagga Flower PETALS
Lion's tail / Leonotis leonurus
Wild Dagga Flower PETALS
5 grams   Wild Dagga Flower PETALS
15 grams   Wild Dagga Flower PETALS $30
25 grams   Wild Dagga Flower PETALS $50



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