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Anadenanthera colubrina Seeds
and Anadenanthera colubrina

Anadenanthera colubrina Seeds
FAMILY : Leguminosae (or Mimosaceae, or Fabaceae)
GENUS : Anadenanthera
SPECIES : peregrina, colubrina, excelsa, macrocarpa

COMMON NAMES : Vilca and Cebil aka AC seeds

RANGE : Amazon
( Approximately 6 seeds to a gram )

I would not recommend consumption of the ingredients in this seed anyway. Toxicity of this plant is high and nauseau is probably the only thing you will derive from it. These seeds are viable and can be grown. They are not sold for human consumption.

The picture of a Anadenanthera colubrina tree branch shows the pods and the beautiful mimosa tree like leaf common to the mature tree. This picture should give you a better idea of how or where you may arrange the plant once it begins to develop.

A. colubrina trees come from the beans of a tree legume, Anadenanthera peregrina, and Anadenanthera colubrina. Anadenanthera is frequently referred to as Piptadenia in the literature. Epena comes from the bark sap of a plant in the nutmeg family, Virola calophylla.

Anadenanthera colubrina pods

Sold as a poisonous non-consumable for landscaping, ornamental or identification purposes only.


Sold for indentification purposes only. If I think you are going to do anything harmful to your self or conduct any illegal act with this product or any other on this site, Salvialight will not sell to you. Please be responsible and respect your local laws.
You can grow this tree pefectly legal. Preserve a dieing culture in so doing. Protect your rights to own a piece of history by not abusing your rights.


No longer available. OUT OF STOCK

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