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Yerba Mate Tea From Brasil

Description:   Yerba Mate from Brasil
Botanical Name:   Ilex Para Guariensis
Origin:   Brazil
Uses:   Herb Tea

yerba mate teaYerba Mate is a stimulating, naturally-caffeinated tea which shares many of the same vitamins, minerals, and compounds found in green teas. Used in South America much like Coffee is used in the States but without the negative side effects associated with Coffee as some report. Try an alternative to your morning pick up, from another culture.

If you do not have a traditional gourd to prepare your yerba mate, you can use a coffee maker or tea ball. Quanitity used per cup is about the same as coffee.
Nornally the gourd is filled 1/2 way up with yerba and then a channel is formed on the side to pour the water into. You add just enough water to wet the yerba up to the top of the cup. Let it set and continue to add water until it has been all soaked up. Then use a bombilla or filtered straw to drink the yerba.
As I said, if you dont have the traditional preparation material, you can use a coffee maker or teaball. Just let it steep longer than you would nornally with coffee.



YERBA MATE TEA from Brasil
1 ounce
Buy  hawaiian baby woodrose seeds
4 ounces


Buy  hawaiian baby woodrose seeds
8 ounces


Buy  hawaiian baby woodrose seeds




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